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Suuri näyttämö Front-row theatre at Helsinki Festival

Chekhov before he was Chekhov.

During the turmoil of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Maria Chekhov, Anton’s sister, placed many of her late brother’s manuscripts and papers in a safety deposit box in Moscow.

In 1921 Soviet scholars opened the box, and discovered a play. The title page was missing. The play they found had too many characters, too many themes, too much action. All in all, it was generally dismissed as unstageable.

Except by the Dublin/London-based theatre company Dead Centre. The group, which received praising reviews and awards with both Chekhov’s First Play and their previous performance LIPPY mercilessly shreds the myths surrounding Chekhov and presents their iconoclastic interpretation up for all eyes to see – and all ears to hear. The play is experienced wearing headphones, with a commentary track deciphering the action taking place on the Main Stage of the Finnish National Theatre. Loaded with rebellious energy, Chekhov’s First Play is a theatrical event that leaves no one cold.

Recommended minimum age 12 years. The performance contains loud noises and nudity.


Esitys oli ohjelmistossa elokuu 19, 2017 - elokuu 20, 2017

Duration 70 minutes

Direction: Ben Kidd & Bush Moukarzel
Text: Anton Tšehov, Ben Kidd & Bush Moukarzel
Producer: Rachel Murray
Set design: Andrew Clancy
Effects & Stage design: Grace O’Hara
Costumes: Saileóg O’Halloran
Lighting design: Stephen Dodd
Sound design: Jimmy Eadie & Kevin Gleeson
Choreography: Liv O’Donoghue
Stage Manager: Barbara Hughes

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