William Shakespeare


Suuri näyttämö A futuristic classic


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Subtitled performances: 16.3., 27.3., 1.4., 8.4., 22.4., 2.5., 10.5. ja 13.5. — read directions here! Subtitles can be followed on mobile devices (smart phone or tablet).

Including live music, mechanical animals, poetic videos, supernatural beings, post-humanist thinking, rap-duo, gatekeeper from hell and political murder.

(Elements may be added to or removed from this list during the artistic process.)

Stones have been known to move, and trees to speak;
Augures, and understood relations, have
By maggot-pies, and choughs, and rooks, brought forth
The secret’st man of blood.

Macbeth is balanced on a knife-edge. Spurred on by an ambitious Lady Macbeth he succumbs to the allure of power. All too conscious of the evil in his actions, Macbeth gambles on a dubious prophecy delivered by three Weird Sisters.

Macbeth’s fatal choice sets in motion forces that spin out of control. The jewel in nature’s crown becomes a self-appointed tyrant, a false king in borrowed robes. He believes he can control the natural order but nature rebels. He is soon caught in a vicious circle of his own making.

In celebration of the centenary of Finnish independence, the Finnish National Theatre opens this season with one of Shakespeare’s most powerful masterpieces. This play about the darker dimensions of the human mind dates from 1606. In Finland, Macbeth was performed for the first time in 1887, at the Finnish National Theatre.

In this fresh adaptation, director Janne Reinikainen and his outstanding cast posit Shakespeare’s ‘mirror of life’ to reflect on humanity’s future.

With Katariina Kaitue, Tero Koponen, Sonja Kuittinen, Antti Luusuaniemi, Pihla Maalismaa, Fanni Noroila, Karin Pacius, Seppo Pääkkönen and Esko Salminen and Timo Kalliokoski / Elmeri Ylä-Rautio

Directed by Janne Reinikainen
Translated and adapted by Eva Buchwald and Janne Reinikainen
Dramaturg Eva Buchwald
Set design Kati Lukka
Costume design Tarja Simone
Lighting Max Wikström
Music Timo Hietala
Video design Henna-Riikka Halonen
Hair and make-up Petra Kuntsi

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