Metsä Furiosa

The performance is mainly in Finnish, with English and Spanish mobile captions available. 

Suomeksi / En Español

A Poem on Contemporary Colonialism

Theatre gives voice, where real life has been silenced.
Rita Mendez lives in Centenario, in the heart of Uruguay. By night she sells sex at the local ‘whiskey bar’ to foreigners who work at the pulp mill. She is also a political activist. Oscar is Rita’s father. He has abandoned his native language and speaks only Finnish. Lumi, Taimi and Talo are Finns who, like Russian Symon, have been drawn to Centenario by the pulp mill. They all have their own reasons for moving to the other side of the world.

Locals and foreigners cross paths within an industry born of global market forces. What impact does it have on them? Who is really selling out to whom and at what price?

In Metsä Furiosa, Uruguayan writer-director Marianella Morena transports the audience to a small village in Uruguay where a major, Finnish-led, multi-national corporation has decided to build the world’s biggest cellulose plant. Full of politics, poetry and music, Morena’s play combines fact and fiction in a production which examines the multiple layers of colonialism. These tie in with the hopes and disappointments experienced by the local towns and villages, seduced by promises of a rise in their standard of living. Colonialism is not just a societal construct but has ramifications for language, mind and body. The role of Rita Mendez is played by Uruguayan actor Lucia Trentini.

The play is inspired by research into the impact of the pulp industry on the lives of people in both Uruguay and Finland. Metsä Furiosa is a collaborative project between Finnish and Uruguayan artists and has been chosen to launch the Finnish National Theatre’s brand new Taivassali stage.

World premiere Taivassali Stage 5.3. 2024

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The performance is mainly in Finnish, with English and Spanish mobile captions available.   

A two-day open event, entitled The Forest as Geopolitical Stage, will take place on March 8th and 9th in the Finnish National Theatre’s Maalamo Studio space. This includes presentations, discussions, workshops and films related to the forest industry and how its business ventures affect communities in Uruguay, Brazil, Finland and Sápmi. The event is curated by Satu Herrala.

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Both the production and the event are part of a Finnish-Uruguayan art and research project funded by the Kone Foundation. Its goal is to address, through art, the nature of geopolitical forces and their impact on land usage, trade, culture, and social relations in Latin America and the Nordic countries.

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Written and directed by



Written and directed by Marianella Morena Translated by Anu Partanen Curated by Jussi Lehtonen Set Katri Rentto Costumes Saija Siekkinen Music Lucia Trentini Lighting Kalle Ropponen Video Ida Järvinen Sound Esa Mattila Make-up Anna Pelkonen Dramaturg Eva Buchwald Production assistant and Interpreter Marianna Laine Production assistant Alan García García Producer Roosa Vaverka