Communities and Engagement

For various reasons, people have varied opportunities to come to theatre. Communities and Engagement Department exists to make the Finnish National Theatre (FNT) genuinely a theatre for the whole nation. 
The FNT is not just the stone castle next to the Helsinki railway station. We also work in schools, senior centres, suburbs, and prisons. We operate a two-way stream: we take productions from the FNT to diverse communities and facilities, and we invite people from them to come to the FNT to make and experience art with us. We want the diversity of society to be made visible in everything the theatre does: on stage and in the auditoriums. We work to make the theatre more approachable and familiar by organising behind-the-scenes tours, hosting discussions and workshops, and producing teaching materials. We lower the threshold to come to the theatre and invite you to take part. Youth are especially catered for by the Finnish National Youth Theatre.


Finnish National Youth Theatre produces performances for younger audiences with professional theatre practitioners and works closely with youth and schools.

Audience Outreach works to familiarise all types of audiences with theatre and its processes, and to widen and deepen the relationship between the theatre and its audiences.

Touring Stage takes productions and workshops to health care and social service facilities and units, to prisons, and special needs schools.


Communities and Engagement department 

Hanna Häyhä
yleisötyövastaava (perhevapaalla)